Famous for years as the site of one of America’s first ‘Gran Prix’ raceways, Sebring has enjoyed growing recognition and prosperity in recent years, as the population of the city and area has grown. View postcards of historical places in Highlands County, or visit the Sebring Historical Society for more information on Sebring’s history.

Located in the heart of South Central Florida’s Highlands County, Sebring’s position as principal town and county seat have made it a retail center for Highlands County and neighboring rural counties. Principal industries of the region include agriculture, principally citrus, dairy, and beef cattle, as well as tourism.

Although the city has a population of only about 10,000, the county has grown to about 80,000 residents, most of whom trade and conduct their business needs in Sebring. More than 15 square kilometers of lakes have made lakefront living a popular option, as large new housing developments have augmented the original stately southern-style homes.

Sebring and Highlands County occupy the southern end of the Lake Wales Ridge, a 100-mile-long range of sandhills, dotted with fresh-water lakes. High ground in the area remained as island during ancient times, when much of Florida was submerged, leading to the development of dozens of rare species of plants and animals found no where else on earth. Pine forests and oak scrub conceal the remaining fragments of this unique environment. To learn more about the area, please click on any of the buttons to the right.

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